In 2014, the king won the championship team once fell into a trough Eric Fehr Jersey, after the season their results plummeted, no longer have the strength to compete for championship. In the summer of 2015 Capitals Jersey, Williams signed a two-year contract with the Washington Capital. Williams won the seventh victory than the 43-year capital of the capital of the seventh victory even more Chris Brown Jersey. Now 35-year-old Williams is still in the crucial moment with a good performance to prove that he is still an indispensable player in the team, in the capital of the locker room Mike Gartner Jersey, he also played as usual other players spirit Leaders and mentor roles. But only 2 minutes later, the rangers will once again spread the difference to two goals, teenager Xie Yilan line long-range, in front of Clyde firmly blocked Anderson's vision for the team meritorious deeds, 4-2. The third quarter began only 1 minute, the Senate two groups defender Fernando blue line near the long-range, Rehnquist failed to control the rebound ball placement, follow the Stonza will close the score to 4-3. The first 5 minutes, Xie Yi again for the rangers scoring, he first in the backcourt to prevent the Senator's 2 hit 1, then in the quick counterattack, he shot again in the distance break Anderson's fingers off, 5-3.