In the first round of the fifth game, the two sides are still in the overtime you come to me to fight the fiery Lucas Johansen Jersey, this time is still Williams, he was in the first 64 seconds into the winning goal, for his legendary season The backstage resume has added a flash of a pen. And therefore many fans praise as "seventh gentleman" into a "fifth gentleman" Chris Brown Jersey. To the sixth series of two plus, by Williams sent assists, Johansson into the decision to win the entire series of victories Golden Globe to help the capital difficult to win into the next round. Williams this general style and the critical moment as a rain-like goal and assists on the capital is undoubtedly priceless. The game, both sides of the lineup to make fine-tuning, penguins side of the three groups left Hagelon since March 10 injured since the first return to the stadium, while the capitalists with Kerry replaced four sets of striker Connery, aimed at Strengthen the team's speed. Open Rangers to occupy an overwhelming advantage, the first 10 minutes to shoot a positive to 8-1 lead Rod Langway Jersey, penguin once in front of precarious. The first 12 minutes, Ira on the right side of the partner received Wilson's wonderful pass, but this shot was Fulu Lei's gloves rub after the left side of the post was refused, then the capital is still offensive, The number of positive shoots to occupy an overwhelming advantage of 16-5 Ryan Stanton Jersey, but Fulai Rui performance brave, to help the team with 0-0 equal split into the second quarter.