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Masad to complete the redemption

Le 1 mai 2017, 13:53 dans Humeurs 0

Justin - Williams has been at times to save the fate of the team countless times, with the 2013-14 season, 26 playoff games he scored 25 points and 9 goals and therefore made him become the year The most valuable player in the playoffs and won the Cohen-Smith Cup Brooks Orpik Jersey. Williams's career has gone through seven of the seventh series and has failed, in this seven times the seventh game to get 14 points (7 goals 7 assists) also created a league record Karl Alzner Jersey. 3 minutes after the Rangers expanded the lead Mike Weber Jersey, when the Senate defender Masad's shot missed, the ball slides to the other side Alex Ovechkin Jersey caused the Rangers in front of 2 dozen 1, Stump Pang ball after the top corner to help Rangers will Score rewritten to 3-1.1 minutes later, Masad to complete the redemption, Hoffman is very beautiful to ride through, Ronquist although make a save, but the follow-up Mashad patch will be narrowed to 3-2. She will not reveal who the devil team will choose Aaron Volpatti Jersey, but when asked about the first two players to analyze, he was very frank: in the Western Youth Youth Hockey League Brandon effect of Nolan Patrick (Nolan Patrick) and Nico Hischier, who played for the Halifax team in the Quebec Youth Hockey League, where Patrick played the first place in all North American players before the NHL Central Scout was given the last show The

Xie Yi again for the rangers scoring

Le 1 mai 2017, 13:50 dans Humeurs 0

In 2014, the king won the championship team once fell into a trough Eric Fehr Jersey, after the season their results plummeted, no longer have the strength to compete for championship. In the summer of 2015 Capitals Jersey, Williams signed a two-year contract with the Washington Capital. Williams won the seventh victory than the 43-year capital of the capital of the seventh victory even more Chris Brown Jersey. Now 35-year-old Williams is still in the crucial moment with a good performance to prove that he is still an indispensable player in the team, in the capital of the locker room Mike Gartner Jersey, he also played as usual other players spirit Leaders and mentor roles. But only 2 minutes later, the rangers will once again spread the difference to two goals, teenager Xie Yilan line long-range, in front of Clyde firmly blocked Anderson's vision for the team meritorious deeds, 4-2. The third quarter began only 1 minute, the Senate two groups defender Fernando blue line near the long-range, Rehnquist failed to control the rebound ball placement, follow the Stonza will close the score to 4-3. The first 5 minutes, Xie Yi again for the rangers scoring, he first in the backcourt to prevent the Senator's 2 hit 1, then in the quick counterattack, he shot again in the distance break Anderson's fingers off, 5-3.

The capital of the people in the playoffs

Le 1 mai 2017, 13:50 dans Humeurs 0

The capital of the people in the playoffs this year did not go smoothly, the face of Maple Leaf's first game opening only 10 minutes or so the other side of the irrigation with two balls and suppressed, the performance of the capital as if not ready to start the same The But it is in such a moment the value of Williams was able to show Chris Conner Jersey, when the team most need him to always come forward, when all the capitalists are attributed to the silence of the time Tim Gleason Jersey, Williams first use a record strong The ball to pull the score to 2-1, after the intermission in the intermission in the locker room with his own way to let his teammates relax, let the team rally, and continue to go all out. After the intermission Steve Oleksy Jersey, Williams and then scored a goal to tie the game, with one's power to force the game dragged into overtime, the capital and therefore have the opportunity to ruthlessly beat the young maple leaves in time. The last 5 minutes, the Senator launched the Jedi fight back, the first 16 minutes Pagir first teammate Smith's long-range pad goal, 2 minutes later, or Pagir, he again in front of the actual stunt, the partner Tuli's heavy artillery pad Into the net nest, 5-5, the game was dragged into overtime. The first overtime is still difficult to understand the two sides, until the double overtime to the first 3 minutes, Bros in the side of the Blue Line to make a wonderful defense, his clever poke the ball to get the front 2 Opportunity, Pagir dribbled into the blue line after the shot again knocked on Rehnquist's fingers off to help the team to complete the 6-5 reversal Nicklas Backstrom Jersey, the total score of 2-0 lead.

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